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Electronic Smog – Should You Be Concerned?

Have you ever encountered the term ‘electronic smog’ and wondered what this actually is? Is this smog something you should really be concerned about or is it some random term coined by those who wish they lived back in the stone ages? Before you answer these questions for yourself, you need to learn more about what this term really pertains to.

Electronic smog is something you cannot see yet is present everywhere in the world-or at least everywhere in the world within the reach of electricity. Whenever you watch soap operas on television, play video games on your computer or cook instant dinners in your microwave, you are exposed to this smog and the dangerous effects it can have on you and your loved ones. Get more benefit and information here amazon coupon.

Since electricity continuously courses through our body we are affected negatively by electric smog. This smog has been linked to mental and physical diseases such as depression and leukemia. It has also been cited as the cause of dizziness, ADHD and insomnia. This is what those who believe in electronic smog believe.

But even though a number of medical practitioners agree with these findings, there is … Read More