NHL: Attack from the back door

The administration of Barack Obama at one time adopted a scandalous “toilet law”. According to this normative act, transgender students can visit the toilet rooms, based not on the biological sex indicated in the passport, but on gender identity. That is, a boy who feels like a girl is free to go to the women’s toilet, and vice versa. Against this initiative, 11 states declared that they did not want to turn the country into a laboratory for a mass social experiment. Donald Trump canceled the “toilet law” through the Ministry of Education, but in every state LGBT activists opposed it. Draft NHL next year must be held in Dallas, Texas, and this is one of the most conservative American states, acting strongly against the “toilet law.” Bill Daley, NHL vice-commissioner, recently reported that the NHL will transfer Draft 2018 to another city if Texas does not meet the transgender students.


What is the biggest hockey league in the world before where teenagers meet the small need, and who have not decided on their gender?

On May 17, 1990, homosexuality was excluded from the International Classification of Diseases. On June 1, 2017, the Legislative Assembly of the Canadian province of Ontario, led by the local prime minister, an open lesbian, Kathleen Wynn, adopted a shocking bill number 89, according to which it is ordered to confiscate children from parents who criticize unconventional marriages and gender ideology. Canada – one of the most tolerant countries in the world, and calling someone a “gay”, you can get a real prison sentence, but the bill number 89 caused massive protests in Ontario. Particularly dissatisfied were the Christian communities, pointing to the destruction of the institutions of the traditional family and indulgence to the sodomites. Pay attention to the dates – in just 27 years homosexuality has made a giant leap forward, from a shameful sexual perversion turned into an object of somewhat artsy pride. In 2017, “Gay of the Year” in Finland elected 16-year-old video blogger Tuur Boylius, and Lady Gaga wrote that this teenager inspires her. This is not an athlete, not a soldier, not a director, not a scientist, not a writer – but just a boy, excited at the sight of men. In today’s world, this is enough to become an inspiration.

gay college ice hockey

In the modern Western model of democracy, the dogma of the management of society is extremely simple: for this, it should be divided into specific groups that tirelessly struggle for their rights: the fertile substratum in which the roots of different kinds of minorities grow. And the LGBT community is the most exemplary example in this regard: for 1-2% of the population – namely such a numerical representation have gays, lesbians and transgenders, no matter how they try to increase the figures to at least 10%, – dictates a model of behavior for all the rest. In order to understand how this works in life, and is displayed in mass culture, consider a simple example. Rather, two simple examples. In 1998, two criminals killed 21-year-old homosexual Matthew Shepard and were sentenced to two life sentences each, without the right to parole. A year later, two homosexual pedophiles raped and killed 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhaising. The prosecutor demanded the death penalty, but pedophiles were given one lifelong, and this, according to the American canon of law, means that in 15-20 years they can be free.

The murder of Matthew Shepard has become one of the most discussed incidents of the year in the United States. In America, a special act was adopted that equates homophobia, transphobia and sexism with racism and nationalism. Shepard was set up a memorial; about him, wrote at least 13 songs; his name is a special fund; Two feature films, one documentary, and a performance were shot about him. About Shepard after the murder appeared more than 3,000 publications in the American press.

Homosexuality in the NHL?

Based on all of the above, you can easily answer the question – why in the Western press there are no materials that tell about the rejection of homosexuality in the NHL? The answer is simple: hockey players on the contract, journalists on fees, and any of their views expressed against the LGBT community will be immediately blamed for it, and fraught with a serious fine (skate) or dismissal (shark pen). Because the Western freedom of speech is a very relative thing, and there is a clear distinction about what can be said, and, most importantly, in what tone to form words; and what to say, or, even more so, to criticize, is not in any case. The right to their own point of view has a few – for example, Tedd Lindsay, calling the modern NHL “girls in skirts.”
Lindsay – 92, in the modern tolerant cultural world outlook, he can not even enter even with all the desire.

According to the research, the main hockey audience of North America are white men from traditional families, confessing mainly to Protestants and Catholics. Hockey itself is traditionally considered a “white” sport with the public, brought up in patriarchal traditions.

But it’s not a specific hockey player. The fact is that the NHL, with its patriarchy and conservatism, has always been viewed by the gay community as a tidbit for its influence.

NHL gave way in this battle with a bang

Barack Obama was the first acting president to appear on the cover of the popular gay magazine Out; Italian parliamentarians started to kiss live on the air in 2013, supporting the LGBT community; and this year French journalist Yves Dere said in an interview with Atlantico that even several people in the National Front of Marin Le Pen, a right-wing nationalist party, are trying to uphold homosexual ideals. Thus, in the US and the EU there is a powerful homosexual lobby: is the NHL able to fight it, at the risk of being declared a sexist organization? In the western world, such accusations can destroy a lifetime.
The LGBT community goes even further: you can not even remain silent if you are asked about homosexuality, since silence will be equated with its rejection, which will consequently lead to accusations of homophobia.

The gay parade in the West is called “gay pride”, the very term pride means “pride.” It is believed that the gay pride is held to protect the rights of sodomites, but in reality everything is different: a gay parade is, first of all, a demonstration of strength in which gay and advanced representatives of the LGBT community are opposed to boring and dull heterosexuals. Aggressive, clamorous, non-compromising LGBT community now always acts from a position of strength.

Do not you like gays? So you are homophobic, racist, Nazi, sexy chauvinist and terrorist. What does this have to do with racism, Nazism and terrorism? Because one follows from the other. Why, in turn, then do not gays themselves perceive a heterosexual culture, is this not a policy of double standards? In no case! Gays can not be homophobic, nor can blacks be racists.

Myth-making are the most important components of the LGBT community, and practically every religion is initially wrong, because it considers sodomy a crime (in Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism, homosexuality is unambiguously perceived as a sin, in Buddhism it is defined as wrong sexual behavior).

In early February 2017, the NHL made another concession: from now on, in every team the league was supposed to be. While hockey fans all over the world played collective facepalm, a reasonable question has arisen – why do teams need special ambassadors for LGBT people? That is, they are some special people with whom we should communicate somehow differently, or what? In NHL clubs there are no special ambassadors for connections with seriously ill, have-nots, orphans, and so on, although the league actively participates in charity. The answer, again, is simple is again a demonstration of strength. The LGBT is doing this because it can – just as it was able to introduce special “rainbow training” in the NHL, when hockey players go out on the ice, using clubs marked with known colors: it is the support of the gay community.