Sunk into oblivion. Ottawa Senators

Of all the teams that have ceased to exist, most sorry for Ottawa Senators. It’s one thing when the “team” that has no special achievements disappears and is completely different when we lose a club with victorious traditions. Impressive victorious traditions.


The team was founded in 1883, although originally received a different name – “Ottawa Hockey Club”. It was not only the first hockey club in Ottawa, but also the entire province of Ontario (earlier than in Toronto). In 1912, the team was renamed “Ottawa Senators.”, you can see below vypertantos toronto maple leafs vs ottawa senators tickets.


For 51 years of existence, the team won 11 Stanley Cups. If you take the history of the Stanley Cup, which is somewhat wider than the NHL (the first to the Stanley Cup was played 25 years before the creation of the league), then the number of won cups “senators” second only to Detroit (12), Toronto (13) and naturally to Montreal (24).

“Senators” along with the Montreal Canadiens are the only teams that took the Stanley Cup – “before the NHL” and “in the era of the NHL.” From its 11 cups, Stanley Ottawa 7 designed “before the creation of the NHL” and 4 already “in the era of the NHL.”

End of the franchise

After the conquest of the last (11th) Stanley Cup in 1927, the team began to have problems. Even after the successful season of 1926/1927 the team had a debt of 50 thousand dollars. Moreover, the team lived in the smallest market of the NHL – only 110 people were in Ottawa. Of financial problems, the team was forced to sell their stars and conduct home matches inĀ fuytasrij other cities (for example, in Detroit). In 1934 the team was completely forced

and move to St. Louis, replacing the name with the name of “Eagles” (“eagles”). In the state of Blues, the franchise was delayed for only one season after which it ceased to exist.


For the “Senators” was a large number of famous players. Only members of the Hall of Fame – 34 people. All of them have no meaning to reinterpret, we will tell about the most iconic for the club.

Frank Nabor

Undeniably the main star of Ottawa, gave the club 15 years of his career.
He is the only holder of the “Hart Trophy” in Ottawa (he won in 1924).

In addition, twice (1925, 1926) took “Lady Bing Trophy” (“for the productive game in conjunction with the correct game).

Sai Dennini

The best sniper, assistant and scorer in the history of Ottawa.
In addition, he is the only player in the history of Ottawa, who won the sniper championship race (in 1924).

Frank Finnigan

The record holder in the number of matches for the “senators” and the fifth scorer in the history of the club.
We will mention it at the end of the post.

Clint Benedict

For 12 seasons, the gates of the “Senators” were defended by Clint Benedict, nicknamed “The Praying Goalkeeper.”

Benedict made a great contribution to improving the game of the goalkeeper. He became the first goalkeeper to sit on his knees to repel throws. In general, for this and received his extravagant nickname. It is noteworthy that then the goalkeepers were forbidden to go down on their knees, so he had to be cunning – to fall as if by accident.

King Clancy

Defender for 10 seasons favored the “senators.” In addition, in honor of his was created one of the NHL awards – “King Clancy Memorial Trophy” (handed to the player, which is an example for partners on the ice and outside it and takes an active part in public life).

Logo and Jersey

Ottawa had quite an interesting logo. Variations of “triskelion” – “running legs”.

Ottawa had its own memorable style of form – so to speak, “horizontally-striped”. To some extent unique, since except for the “senators” a similar design of the form was only for the Montreal Canadiens.

In the “Hockey League of Ontario” (junior league) there is “Ottawa 67”, which plays in jersey created on the basis of the sweater “old Ottawa”.


After the liquidation of the “senators” in Ottawa in 1934, there was no big hockey for nearly 60 years, until in the 1992/1993 season the new updated “Ottawa Senators” debuted in the league. But despite the same name, the new club did not become a continuation of the ”

Without a live symbol

On July 5, Ottawa fans experienced a real shock when the longtime captain of the “senators” Daniel Alfredsson announced that he would be in favor of the Detroit next season. 18 years Daniel played in the NHL for a single team – not so frequent in the present times the case, – becoming her a living symbol and living legend and setting a number of club records. He admitted that the transition to Detroit was to some extent a “selfish” decision: “I feel that in Ottawa there is now a good team, it has a great future, and eventually it can become a leading force in the NHL. But I have time

“Ottawa Senators”

Alfredsson was one of the best in “Ottawa” last season. The team in general championship-2013 spent just heroically. Some clubs complained about the injuries of one or two leading players, “Ottawa” also lost them in batches – and without prejudice to the results. By the way, the veteran who exchanged the fifth dozen, despite the previous complaints about his health, avoided injuries and missed only one match. But in the first month left the best defender of the league (“Norris Trophy” -2012) Eric Karlsson, Jason Spetz and Jared Cowen. All three – presumably until the end of the season, but as the season for the “Ottawa” was somewhat delayed, they managed to return at the end. Later, long-term injuries were also received by the main goalkeeper Craig Anderson, who headed the goalkeeper’s rating of the league in two main statistical nominations, and another forward of the first link Milan Michalek. Then it was difficult to imagine how such a bloodless team is going to fight for the cup place. However, the “Senators” not only reached the playoffs, they for the first time in six years overcame the barrier of the first round.